Progress: Crochet mood blanket

{ mood blanket } A bit over a year ago at the start of 2014 I found this brilliant idea of a crochet mood blanket. The aim was to crochet a square a day/week and use colours that represented your mood right then. Some people made even weather blankets using colours describing the day’s weather. And at the end of the year you would have a lovely new blanket with memories all through the year. 

{ my plan } I decided to crochet at least one big square or four little ones per week. The colours I chose just based on what I felt like using at the time. There are a few squares that do describe the week’s happenings as well; four little squares in dark grey, variegrated greens and reds, oranges & yellows for a big bushfire near our family’s farm; blues, reds and white with stars for Australia Day; pinks for the most awesome sunset ever experienced in Monkey Mia etc. I guess mine turned out to be more like a diary of events rather than a mood blanket!

{ blanket reality } I was going pretty well until about Easter. After that my blanket moved a bit to the backstage. I had a long break where I didn’t make my quota of squares and therefore I’m still working on the Crochet Mood Blanket 2014 🙂 I’m not too worried though. My blanket is starting to be big enough now and all I have to do is crochet two more squares, join them plus one already made, sew in all the remaining ends and finish everything with a border. I really like how the blanket has come together. I like the random and bright colors and the memories just make me happy. I will definitely be making more of these blankets, just not this year!


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