Knit-a-long wool socks

{ knitting } I haven’t been knitting for ages! Not that I would have done much crocheting or sewing lately either but knitting has been forgotten for a looooong while. Until a couple of days ago, when I found this brilliant surprise knit-a-long from a lovely Finnish blog Muita ihania. It sounded like an awesome project and the duration is only a couple of weeks, which suits me well being 37 weeks pregnant. So now I’m knitting multi-coloured wool socks in the middle of the Aussie summer and loving it! I can hardly wait every day when the new pattern is published and I can continue again. { also in English } This is how far I’ve gotten now. I’m knitting both socks at the same time, the second sock still needs to catch up as it’s missing the pink section. I’m still a bit scared of this project since it will mostly be in coloured knitting which I’m not too familiar with. The most intimidating part is how to keep the wool running nicely at the back without it getting too loose or tight. A big learning curve I guess! And I think I will have to start taking care of the ends soon so that there won’t be a huge big boring task at the end when I already want to wear the socks (in +40C heat most probably, but you have to wear them in don’t you?)! I might have to crank up the aircon that day 🙂 Great thing about this knit-a-long is that is also written in English for those of you who don’t master Finnish. The instructions also come as a chart, so no words needed if you wish to take part and catch up. If you are interested in seeing others’ projects, check out #muitaihaniatalvisukat on Instagram.

{ teaser } I have a few projects that I’ve made but not yet told here about. Above are a couple of Open Wide Pouches; a little one (black) and a large one. The black one was for me to carry all my cosmetics, band-aids etc with me in the handbag. The big one I made for my son so he could pack all his cars in it. It was used for a couple of days before it was forgotten on the lounge floor. I grabbed it this morning to take my wool socks to work.

I have also finished my mood blanket, crocheted a few beanies and sewed a kowabunga blanket. More about them all later.


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