Sharky shark beanie

{ sharky shark } I made one of these shark beanies for Popeye over two years ago for his second birthday. He’s loved it from day one and keeps getting comments about it where ever we go. We get double the comments when both Popeye and Nugget wear their sharkies out and about and I have started to make them to sell as well.


First ever sharky shark

{ warm fun } I made the first beanie with acrylic to see how it turns out. It was a great beanie but it went a little limp after I washed it and put in the dryer. It’s still ok and I haven’t tried to wash it again without the dryer as the boys have been wearing their cotton ones more. Cotton seems to be a better material here in Australia, since it is warm or hot most of the year and not really beanie weather!

{ pattern } This awesome free pattern can be found from Sarah’s website Repeat Crafter Me. She has many other cool free patterns as well, so go and have a look! If you make a shark beanie yourself, I would love to see it! Let me know in the comments and add a link.

Shark beanie on Nugget

Cotton shark beanie





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