Dragon beanies

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 2.37.45 PM

{ yearning for colour } After making a few of the shark beanies, I started to get a bit bored with working only with grey. I wanted more colour! I saw somewhere a photo of a dragon or dinosaur beanie similar to these and decided to make some. Again the boys loved them right away and I ended up making quite a few. In all the colours of the rainbow.


{ material matters } I have used both acrylic and cotton for these beanies. Acrylic is easy to find and it comes in bright and cheerful colours. Also it doesn’t itch like wool. I have made a few woolly dragons for orders and I needed to add a little strip of fabric inside to stop the itch. The boys are modelling the cotton dragons in the picture below. I have a couple of these under construction as well at the moment. I might add photos under here once I get them ready.

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 2.46.19 PM

{ sharks for babies } The design in these dragon beanies is a fun one. It will keep the little necks warm as well but doesn’t work with little babies who spend most of their time lying down. The dragon tail gets in the way a bit and a shark beanie works better! I waited impatiently that my baby would grow bigger and be able to wear the dragon beanie. Now he’s up and walking and sports any beanie happily!




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